Hungary offers great variety of destinations from rural, peaceful wine regions to vibrant towns and many beautiful small villages. With impressive architecture, folk art, thermal spas and a capital with one of Europe's most exciting nightlife there will be no dull moment in this country. Architecturally Hungary offers a feast for tourists, spacing from Roman ruins and medieval townhouses, to churches and buildings in baroque, neoclassical to art nouveau style. Around 300 thermal springs since Roman period supply the thermal baths, where 'Taking the waters' has been a costume since then for various purposes: therapeutic, medicinal and recreational. Hungary’s folk traditions are still alive and is one of the richest in Europe. You can visit small wooden churches, where you will find beautiful folk paintings, or see how women still today stich intricate embroidery pieces. The locals are very proud of their national’s cuisine, a sophisticated East European style of cooking, accompanied by their world-renowned wines just waiting for you to try.


Hungary Cities