Our Customers

Every year we organize worldwide trips for some 50.000 people. Our guests are students, retired people, honeymooners, individuals and families. We have guests wishing to spend their holidays in the most exclusive locations in the world and we also enable for them to have affordable airplane tickets for their trips. Our packages are based on wishes and preferences of each our customer, so enabling them to find everything they need in Relax Tours.

Relax Tours looks forward to welcome you in one of our branch offices and we are sure you will have an unforgettable time and cherish wonderful memories from your holidays organized by Relax Tours.

 Incoming Tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Relax Tours has many years of experience and signed the contracts with a large number of partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries. With Relax Tours you will be able to have your dream holidays at affordable rates. Relax Tours can create and offer its customers all kinds of tours and trips, starting from luxurious 5-star hotel accommodation to those more suitable for families having a low budget.

 Tours around the Balkans

Relax Tours is one of the pioneers in offering tours around the Balkans, having a long lasting experience and the best possible field connections. Starting from the mountains In the North to the spectacular beaches in the South and continuing further to the countries of the Peninsula, it offers a versatile and unforgettable travel experience to its services’ users.

Join us in a tour around this stunning region which, after the horrible war in the 90s, has re-emerged as a fascinating and exciting travel destination.

Wander around the timeless seaside towns, dip your toes in the warm turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea, breathe in the fresh air of the Olympic mountains or enjoy in the hectic nightlife of bustling modern capitals of the region.

We will show you the best of amazing Dubrovnik, romantic Budapest and all the other hideaways such as Sarajevo, known as the European Jerusalem, magnificent Mostar and wonderful Kotor.

Being famous for the landscapes as spectacular as the destinations we visit, the tour around the Balkans is about experiencing a region having a rich culture and history combined with its unforgettable natural beauties.

 Airplane tickets

Being an international IATA agent and having direct contacts with many airlines, Relax tours has access to thousands of discounted airfares, worldwide and can arrange for you to fly to any international location with all major companies such as Alitalia, Lufthansa. Swissair, Adria airways, Austrian airlines etc. We have the offer of airplane tickets and we can also deliver them to your home address, on your request.

 Travel services

If you plan to travel for pleasure we would offer various tours to any country of the world,based on the contracts with the best tour operators and attractive prices. Relax Tours provides complete travel and tourism services for groups and individuals, including worldwide hotel reservations, escorted tours, private tours, city tours, safaris and participation in internationally hosted celebrations and festivals.


We will be glad to organize various excursions for primary/secondary schools and universities for which we guarantee most favourable prices.

Courses of foreign languages:

For the past few years we are successfully organizing courses of foreign languages in domicile countries in their school centres such as:

  • Cambridge, Oxford, Boston, New York. Cannes,
  • Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Milano, Rome,
  • Lisabon, Cairo, St. Petersburg etc...


Organization of Conference meetings, workshops, conventions and promotions. including all equipment (printed material etc.). We successfully organized meetings for a lot of companies and organisations such as IJSAID, BCYF, PHARE, GTZ, CR5, WORLD BANK, ICMC, etc.

 Transfers and Rentals

If you want increased flexibility, why not to take the advantage of our negotiated rates with principal car rental companies. Alternatively, we also offer an airport transfer service both to and from Bosnia. We also have real estate services (houses,flats) Relax tour are looking forward to welcoming you esteemed guests to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are sure you will have unforgettable memories broughtback with you